Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rejected EPT locations

It goes without saying that the EPT has been massively successful. So successful in fact that Europe simply isn't big enough to contain it. As a result, the EUROPEAN Poker Tour stops at places such as The Caribbean, a region more usually located southeast off the Gulf of Mexico and North America. Hardly Benelux is it.

Anyway, in its efforts to find more 'European' destinations for the tour, PokerStars sent out some experts to come up with new and interesting locations. Some are still under consideration, others were rejected. Here are some of the rejections:

EPT NARNIA: couldn't get the tables through the wardrobe doors

EPT MOON BASE ALPHA: Liv Boeree kept floating away; there was no affective way to moor her, and when they tried tying her to Michelle Orpe they both just floated off in to space together giggling.

EPT FANTASTIC VOYAGE: All 826 entrants were to be miniaturised and injected directly into John Duthie's spleen. However, plans were abandoned when it was discovered John had no internal organs, only breadcrumbs and the stuff you get in jiffy bags.

EPT BERMUDA TRIANGLE: You work it out.

EPT COPA CABANA: After speaking to one of the organisers (her name was Lola) it became apparent that while music and passion were always the fashion, they weren't really into poker.

A couple of other considerations:
EPT PANCAKE HOUSE: It fell flat.
EPT HOT POTATO: Was dropped.
EPT FITNESS GYM: It just didn't work out.