Monday, March 13, 2006


If there's one thing I've learnt from talking to the guys and gals that are already playing online poker for a living, it's that rakeback should be a big part of your consideration when selecting a 'home' for all your dosh.

Up until now the only addition to my actual winnings have been fabulous 'loyalty points'. You might not be surprised to hear that so far I nearly have enough points to buy 1/9th of a shite baseball cap. Yehaw.

I decided to contact all the big sites, essentially just saying that I plan to start playing seriously, and asking why I should give them my rake. I guess it's not too surprising to find that the big boys didn't want to offer me anything; suggesting that just being allowed to play on Poker Stars should be enough to make me happy. Others suggested I contact them after a month of playing "as i mean to go on" so that they can appraise my play. Yeah, and get a month's worth of dosh for free. Do I look like Johnny Bananas.

Ultimately I found a bunch of guys that broker rakeback deals. Just to name-check the guys that have been most helpful: and

So... after much deliberation, I'm down to Littlewoods or William Hill. I think.

More soon.


rolandrakeback said...

Hi its Roland de Wolfe here

i can sort you or anyone else with a good deal, minimum 30% rakeback and bonuses for extra play

email me

Wonky said...


Keep an eye out for some of the pit falls when looking at rakeback deals.. some of them will screw you and it can be a month or two before you notice. I did an article on this a few months back.

Also one thing to think about if you end up with littlewoods is do really want to be seen dead in one of their purple shirts if you win a online sat to a live event !!? ;)

Good luck.