Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NEWS: Moneymaker less capable than own watch

Friends and colleagues of the former WSOP champion have stepped forward to say that Chris Moneymaker, 30, is less capable in his day to day activities than his own wrist watch. Greg Raymer has worked along-side Moneymaker for the past two years: “It’s sad to see someone get outperformed by their own watch, but there’s no denying that this watch has about three times as many features as Chris.”

The watch, a Suunto Vector, was a Christmas gift from his parents, and delivers flawless precision and style, standing in sharp contrast to Moneymaker; a man with neither a scratch proof face, nor the ability to withstand a depth of 100 feet underwater.


M3monster said...

i need a watch - any recommendations ;)

United113 said...

get a chris moneymaker sports watch:

Helps you win races

Well balanced so helps you run straight

Strong Platinum so more durable than Gold

NASA certified so guaranteed to work in satellites

All this though is only guaranteed for 1 tournament (but should get you nice sponsorship from pokerstars)

Alex Martin said...

Such quality writing, such little quantity. Keep the bored office worker brigade pleased with more updates.

cheers, Alex

TheWaster said...

I apologise. I seriously WILL be better at updating this. As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." My version translates more as "Updating your blog is kinda buggered when you're so fucking busy." but I think you get the idea. I appreciate your continued patience in this matter. Please hold...

Alex Martin said...

You sound like my BT broadband advisor ;)

United113 said...

Come on Matt...!!!!!

Your nearly as bad as dpommo for updated your blog!!

What have you been up to??