Friday, July 31, 2009

I URGE you...

Ok - not much of a blog post I know, but I URGE you (see, the title was pretty acurate eh!) to watch High Stakes Poker Season 5 if you haven't alredy done so. I downloaded it from Mininova (which MAY be illigal - not sure) but i'm sure there is a legit way to find it. Watching Durrrr is a pleasure, and THE best answer to any player who ever types "card dead" into the chat box.

Anyway, a real blog entry VERY soon. Honest.


Calculus said...

Any chance you could let us know what episode features Dwan's comments? Cheers.

(Really enjoy the blog BTW.)

James Atkin said... ftw

Anonymous said...

Dwan is a sicko, that TT vs AA vs Eastgate hand was amazing, especially since he knew he didn't have the best hand. Quality